Friday, September 01, 2006

Windows on the water..

This is where our ceremony and reception will take place on June 21, 2008 :)

Camping at Letchworth..


The falls

Our tent

Playing scrabble

Us <3

Aqua flames - I found a package while I was in Canada, claiming that it'll
cause the flames to change colors. So I bought it and sure enough it worked..
mostly blue and green flames. Didn't last long but was really beautiful :)


Ohh lala...Sexy Sexy :p

Relaxing by the pool

Lake Huron

Mom and Dad Bezaire

RIT Beer... tastes just like Lucky Beer :p

A Exeter white squirrel. First time ever seeing one!

Black squirrel!

More pictures...

Jasper enjoying the ride from Jersey to Rochy

Our Bathroom

Our living room

My cutie-a-pattoie :)

Our bedroom

Front of living room and the dining room on the side

Lots to tell..

I know.. I know.. I haven't updated my blog in like forever. I'm just starting to not care about my blog anymore. And it seems like a lot of us don't either heh. But today I just happen to be in the mooood soo. I'll just post lots and lots of pictures and type a simple caption for every picture. Not mooood to type anything long up :)

Enjoy :)

Seaside Heights Boardwalk

The family at the beach house

I'ma gonna punch-a youse!

The boardwalk..again :)

Picture Perfect ;)

The view from our room in Baltimore, MD

Inner harbor - Baltimore, MD

Pretty obvious what this building is :p

Love birds <3>

Another pair of love birds :p

Mom, Jeff and

Science Center


BAM!! Throwing a punch

Playing a soccer game...

Yankees vs Orioles