Saturday, November 04, 2006

First snow

First time it snowed... and actually stuck to the ground. It only lasted for a hour though :(

Fright Night

Here are pictures from Halloween weekend. We went to Cara, Bree and Beth's Potluck Party. Then to a house party afterwards (awful :p)

On the 31st, Halloween, We carved a pumpkin and I made a Halloween dinner.. see if you can figure out what it is :)


Went to Letchworth for the day. I guess you could call it "Day Camping" :) We rented out a site, started a fire, had lunch and dinner, and went hiking. It was Jasper's very first time camping :)

Sorry!! :(

I've been horrible with updating this blog so I'm going to throw you everything at once... in pictures of course :) Enjoy!

The Dog Park

Matthew, Jasper and I went to Ellison Park along with Jeff, Laural and London :)