Thursday, June 29, 2006


When I played London's music video, Jasper was staring at it the first time he saw it. He was moving his head, all puzzled and mystified. The 2nd time Matthew and I decided to try and capture it on camera, all he did was stare and he actually yawned 2 times during the music video heh. His ears moved quite a bit but that's about it heh. Probably was thinking, "Yeh mom I've already seen it." :) Thought it was adorable and wanted to share it with you all :)





I had my hair cut and dyed. Got sick of long hair.. Have had it long for 6 years and I figured that it was time for a change. I like it and I've been every color but never a blond. Better pictures of me will be coming up soon. The after pictures were taken like hours after my appointment and it was late at night heh.

Hope you all like it :)

Our trip to Rochy

Matthew and I went up to Rochy two weeks ago. Why? We had to look for an apartment and reserve it, have some time alone away from NJ and Family, and to see our old haunts as well as friends.


And Driving...Sleeping too as well :)

For those who dosen't think that NJ has any trees and whatnot ;) See how beautiful it is?


Aladdin's, Our favorite restaurant.
Yummy food+cheap+beautiful scenary = Perfect :)

Matthew got his truck washed and discovered a huge leak up by the driver's side window :p

Jeff, Laural, and London came over and we had a yummy BBQ, drinks, and delish desserts. Thanks for bringing the raspberry cheesecake guys :)

Played scrabble and this is what the board looked like in the end. I kept getting and using only 3 lettered words; my speciality :)

Petting cute :)